Sometimes you ask a question and the answer doesn’t come for many years. That’s the way it worked for me when I first tried to make sense of economics. This four-part series recounts some key waypoints in a personal quest for understanding.

  • Part 1: Beyond the green frog-skin world
    Coming to terms with Lame Deer’s Seeker of Visions
  • Part 2: The marginal uselessness of muscle-cars
    Bicycling in the big city, and thinking about Ivan Illich’s Energy and Equity
  • Part 3: The fat-takers cross the oceans
    Ecological over-shoot did not begin with the fossil fuel age. Unsustainable exploitation of resources has been a hallmark of European colonization for at least five centuries.
  • Part 4: Going to extremes
    As the fossil fuel age enters its self-engineered global crisis of survival, economics can find clarity in reviving older wisdom.