Competing mobility paradigms. Energy return on investment. Deconstructing economic mythologies. Be warned: some of these posts raise the Wonkometer Alert needle.

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Some favourite sites:

  • Strong Towns
    A superb resource and organization, with daily posts on walkable and bikeable towns, genuinely conservative zoning codes, and development policies that won’t bankrupt the next generation.
  • Resilience
    A digest of articles on Energy, Economy, Environment, Food & Water, Society and Resources. A program of the Post-Carbon Institute.
  • Low-Tech Magazine
    Lucid discussion of technologies both old and new.
  • The full text of Ivan Illich’s pioneering 1973 work Energy & Equity, which explains why high-speed transportation never lives up to its promise.

The per capita wattage that is critical for social well-being lies within an order of magnitude which is far above the horsepower known to four-fifths of humanity and far below the power commanded by any Volkswagen driver.” – Ivan Illich