Bart Hawkins Kreps is co-editor, with Clifford W. Cobb, of the 2021 release Energy Transition and Economic Sufficiency: Food, Transportation and Education in a Post Carbon Society.

The 290-page book is available in pdf from Post Carbon Institute, and in print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Booktopia, Blackwell’s, Waterstones and other online retailers around the world.

Advance praise for Energy Transition and Economic Sufficiency:

“Energy descent is crucial to stopping climate and ecological breakdown. This is a key conversation to have.” – Peter Kalmus, climate scientist, author of Being The Change

“This lively and insightful collection is highly significant for identifying key trends in transitioning to low-energy futures.” – Anitra Nelson, author of Small is Necessary

“The contributors explain why it is time to stop thinking so much about efficiency and start thinking about sufficiency: how much do we really need? What’s the best tool to do the job? What is enough? They describe a future that is not just sustainable but is regenerative, and where there is enough for everyone living in a low-carbon world.” – Lloyd Alter, Design Editor at and author of Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle: Why Individual Climate Action Matters More Than Ever

Author bio
Bart Hawkins Kreps

After university studies in the philosophy of economics, I’ve worked as a construction worker and farm hand in the northern plains states of the US, typesetter in Toronto, financial controller for an indigenous organization in the Canadian arctic, newspaper editor in small-town Ontario, and freelance website designer for over 20 years.

As much as I enjoyed all those careers, they haven’t meant as much to me as what I’ve done in off-work hours for the past 40 years: riding a bike.

Today I’m fortunate to live on the north shore of Lake Ontario, at the very edge of the Toronto megalopolis, in an area still astonishingly rich in natural beauty.

This blog may dive into abstract discussions, but there will often be a local angle, and I hope I can continue to capture in photographs some of the beauty to be found every day in this environment.

– Bart Hawkins Kreps

Here is

my local angle

on the globe:


The centre of my world these days is Port Darlington, on the north shore of Lake Ontario just east of Toronto.

Most of my travels have been in North America. This globe is scaled to the perspective of my memories.