Recent photo pages on this site include:

  • sweet water songs
    February 8, 2022: The sights of the lake in winter are sublime. The sounds are divine.
  • november, by grace
    November 16, 2021: What’s not to love about this November in this place?
  • making arrangements
    September 27, 2021: Bright orange mushrooms, deep black shadows. Swallowtails and phlox. Dew drops and fallen leaves. Some things just go well together.
  • the otters and the others
    August 20, 2021: This post is mostly about those other herons who aren’t so well known as the Great Blue Herons. But some other others also have a way of popping into the photo.
  • altered landscapes
    July 12, 2021: In my region large-scale industrial transformations are visible in nearly all directions. This post pictures some of these alterations.
  • the crakes and their ilk
    July 2, 2021: Do we have Crakes in North America? That depends on whose definition you follow.
  • small wonders
    May 26, 2021: Flowers. Birds. Bugs. The first two generally come as part of package deals that include the latter.
  • suite for january
    January 31, 2021: Perhaps no month can show so many moods as January, particularly when we get a taste of real winter as in the past few days..
  • putting your best foot forward
    August 25, 2020: In the marsh, one type of foot definitely does not meet all challenges.
  • regarding the ways of the marsh
    July 8, 2020: In the heat of summer, a fertile, bountiful bouquet of life.
  • keeping watch
    June 11, 2020: From the least of the sandpipers to the greatest of the owls.
  • bloomin’ weeds
    June 1, 2020: Are these flowers truly wild – or just feral?
  • merganser mating party
    April 8, 2020: When I make it out on the big lake, I come across flamboyant visitors.
  • a fond farewell to winter
    March 18, 2020: By mid-March, migratory species were taking advantage of open waters.
  • the fastness of february
    February 16, 2020: February always goes by too fast, but this year we got a free bonus day.
  • just this side of freezing
    January 21, 2020: Was it really “a nice day if you’re a duck”? An investigation.
  • portrait of december
    December 28, 2019: In an unusually grey month the occasional bursts of colour were deeply appreciated.
  • colours of summer past
    November 2, 2019: When you look close to the ground, the late autumn garden still shows some hues as bright as a summer flower.
  • the forest down the river
    October 8, 2019: A day’s drive takes us to the boreal forest a ways down this grand watershed.
  • the eyes have it
    June 6, 2019: To see, or to be seen? For many birds, the answer is “both”.
  • flight paths
    May 14, 2019: Capturing the movement of wings, from heron wings to hummingbird wings.

More photo pages on this site include:

  • plastic swamp
    May 5, 2019: Usually when I venture in the marsh with camera I focus on beauty, not ugliness. This time is different.
  • vortex
    February 5, 2019: For sightseeing on the shore of Lake Ontario, a taste of old-fashioned winter is hard to beat.
  • fall on beach
    November 13, 2018: The weather along the lakeshore has been bone-chilling, blustery – yet elusive sunlight has teamed with wind and waves to create beautiful sights.
  • point of light
    January 5, 2018: The wonderful thing about a cold winter on Lake Ontario is that the shoreline takes a new shape every day.
  • what a difference a day makes
    December 29, 2017: We think of ice as solid, stable, slow to change, but on the shoreline of Lake Ontario the ice is always dynamic.
  • spectrum of motion
    March 12, 2017: The swift coming of a cold front in recent days brought vibrant colour and motion to the lake shore.
  • Birds on boards
    April 1, 2016: In Port Darlington, even our feathered friends get out on their boards
  • The Colour of Water
    Bowmanville Marsh and Lake Ontario, Summer/Fall 2015

Photo at top of post from Flight Paths, May 14, 2019. Full-size image here.