Recent photo pages on this site include:

  • growing up
    August 28, 2019: The fledglings in the marsh are getting bigger, but they’re not as camera-shy as their parents.
  • the eyes have it
    June 6, 2019: To see, or to be seen? For many birds, the answer is “both”.
  • flight paths
    May 14, 2019: Capturing the movement of wings, from heron wings to hummingbird wings.
  • plastic swamp
    May 5, 2019: Usually when I venture in the marsh with camera I focus on beauty, not ugliness. This time is different.
  • vortex
    February 5, 2019: For sightseeing on the shore of Lake Ontario, a taste of old-fashioned winter is hard to beat.
  • fall on beach
    November 13, 2018: The weather along the lakeshore has been bone-chilling, blustery – yet elusive sunlight has teamed with wind and waves to create beautiful sights.
  • heat of summer
    July 4, 2018: The most intense heat wave in years takes hold of the lakeshore.
  • The edge of summer
    May 15, 2018: Migratory birds are still stopping by while some resident birds have already hatched big broods. Meanwhile woodland flowers are hurrying to develop.
  • Don’t blink, you’ll miss it
    May 4, 2018: Spring is a long time coming this year, especially along the lakeshore – so we can expect it may give way to summer in a great rush.
  • point of light
    January 5, 2018: The wonderful thing about a cold winter on Lake Ontario is that the shoreline takes a new shape every day.
  • what a difference a day makes
    December 29, 2017: We think of ice as solid, stable, slow to change, but on the shoreline of Lake Ontario the ice is always dynamic.
  • Pebble Beach
    December 19, 2017: One of the richest lodes of gemstones in the known universe can be found along the north shore of Lake Ontario.

More photo pages on this site include:

  • leaf to leaf
    September 26, 2017: On a late summer’s day some creatures are faded and tattered, while others shine as brightly as ever.
  • season finale
    August 31, 2017: On a late summer’s day some creatures are faded and tattered, while others shine as brightly as ever.
  • Festival of Wings
    August 22, 2017: The gardens are filled with beating wings this month – wings of butterflies, bees, moths, damselflies, beetles and wasps.
  • Shiny Things
    July 9, 2017:  Some things catch the eye with a flash of sunlight – even when that light is first reflected by the moon.
  • Pollination Nation
    June 26, 2017: The insects that visit our wildflowers are photogenic in their own rights.
  • birds birds birds
    June 6, 2017: A few of the birds seen in the waters, on the shore, and in the treetops in recent weeks in our neighbourhood.
  • tricks of the light
    May 31, 2017: While the sun is low or storm clouds blow through, light beams bend and scatter, painting sky and water in extraordinary tints.
  • the rock blooms
    May 22, 2017: On a tiny island in a small lake at the southern edge of the Canadian shield, flowers grow in a few millimeters of soil.
  • Westside story
    April 15, 2017: Though the colour palette is still mostly blue and brown, residents of the marsh are settling into spring.
  • spectrum of motion
    March 12, 2017: The swift coming of a cold front in recent days brought vibrant colour and motion to the lake shore.
  • Etchings at a winter sunrise
    January 7, 2017: Six photos, taken on Bowmanville Marsh and the Lake Ontario shoreline on Saturday morning.
  • fluid as the light
    December 20, 2016: Port Darlington in the winter light of sunset and sunrise.
  • High Noon
    July 9, 2016: The mid-day sun illuminates fine details in these close-ups from the garden and at roadside.
  • at the end of the day
    June 16, 2016: Sunset is feeding time in Bowmanville Marsh
  • Birds on boards
    April 1, 2016: In Port Darlington, even our feathered friends get out on their boards
  • Long waves
    Photo patterns inspired by the discovery of gravitational waves
  • How’s fishing?
    Bowmanville Marsh and Lake Ontario, Summer/Fall 2015
  • The Colour of Water
    Bowmanville Marsh and Lake Ontario, Summer/Fall 2015