october turns


It took until the middle of the month before we got October-like temperatures, but the sun holds to a steadier schedule, still rising predictably later each day and setting earlier. In the generous “golden hours”, with light slicing through the shadows from a glow near the horizon, fall colours grow more splendid by the day.

Wet Meadow Morning 1 (click images for full-screen views)

 New England Asters, AKA Michaelmas Daisies, are one of the last wildflowers of the season. And when you get down on the ground to admire their colours against the sky, you sometimes spot an otherwise inconspicuous web.

Wet Meadow Morning 2

Wet Meadow Morning 3

The deep woodland flowers are long gone, but the autumn welcomes a blossoming of fungi.

Still Life with Stump

Beneath the Cedars 1

Beneath the Cedars 2

From Stony Ground

Only a few avian species still patrol the marsh.

Heron in Tall Thicket

Bird Bath

At the very edge of a small pond, a tree soaks up a few more minutes of sunshine while darkness overtakes the far shore.

Tree at Edge of Pond at Sunset

Photo at top of page: Turbulent Silence (click here for full-screen view)