at the end of december


With the longest nights behind us we await the crisp clear days of winter. But wait we must – the Christmas morning snowstorm gave us just a thin crust of white and temperatures right at the freeze/thaw mark.

Fortunately we’ve had a few hours of bright sunshine recently, when frost glitters on every reed in the marsh …

Moment’s Frost

…and even the squirrels were able to hold still for a few minutes just to bask in the warm glow.

Sun Soaked Squirrels

For the most part, though, colours have been softened in cloud-filtered light.

December Meadow

The most vivid hues around sometimes decorate the forest floor.

Forest Garden

Ring-billed Gulls on the thin ice of the marsh do their best to add some flash.

Can you hear me now?

Few kinds of birds remain in the area, but they always leave behind a feather or two. And it often seems that no two feathers are exactly alike.

Feathered Blue

Feather on Ice, Morning

When the sun comes out, if only for a few minutes, it’s a treat – and never more so than at dawn on the morning after the winter solstice.

Assemblage at Sunrise