Photo pages on this site include:

  • Westside story
    April 15, 2017: Though the colour palette is still mostly blue and brown, residents of the marsh are settling into spring.
  • spectrum of motion
    March 12, 2017: The swift coming of a cold front in recent days brought vibrant colour and motion to the lake shore.
  • the edge of cool
    January 29, 2017: On a breezy Sunday morning in the marsh, the line between open water and thin ice sometimes disappears.
  • Etchings at a winter sunrise
    January 7, 2017: Six photos, taken on Bowmanville Marsh and the Lake Ontario shoreline on Saturday morning.
  • fluid as the light
    December 20, 2016: Port Darlington in the winter light of sunset and sunrise.
  • High Noon
    July 9, 2016: The mid-day sun illuminates fine details in these close-ups from the garden and at roadside.
  • at the end of the day
    June 16, 2016: Sunset is feeding time in Bowmanville Marsh
  • Birds on boards
    April 1, 2016: In Port Darlington, even our feathered friends get out on their boards
  • Long waves
    Photo patterns inspired by the discovery of gravitational waves
  • How’s fishing?
    Bowmanville Marsh and Lake Ontario, Summer/Fall 2015
  • The Colour of Water
    Bowmanville Marsh and Lake Ontario, Summer/Fall 2015